Monday, January 16, 2012

What are my inspirations for making jewelery?

Every artist have different inspirations, whether it be nature, animals, food or even dead things. I can't say I have one type of inspiration, but I do think I see things in a weird, bizarre matter that makes complete sense to me. I've decided to share some examples~

I was obsessed with origami when I was young, and I still randomly make something whenever I somehow get a piece of paper in my hands. I think origami tessellations are really inspirational and extremely beautiful if incorporated into jewelery.

 Recently I made a trip to Chapters and was so happy to see that alot of their home decor/gift items were on sale. These caught my eye and I had to buy them for no real purpose except to touch them and play with them. These wonderful shapes are called icosahedron. They are also a lot bigger in real life than seen in the pictures, almost as big as pomelo. I am already brainstorming ways to fabricate these icosahedron into sterling silver pendants...

These beautiful brackets belong to my boyfriend, and they do a fantastic job holding up a very heavy floating shelf. Although it's only from Home Depot, they are quite interesting in design, and I already see the resemblance to my Brass Double Square Pendant Necklace here.

Next is a wonderful fruit bowl that I especially love because this is how I would like to wire wrap my rocks, crystals, minerals or anything else that is chunky. I haven't really done wire wrapping as of late, but I will be incorporating a different way to use wire wrapping techniques once I receive some materials that I'm waiting to receive in the mail.

Lastly, I would like to present these beautiful girls given to me for Christmas by my two wonderful friends in Edmonton. These are adorable salt shakers, however I am envisioning these girls as pendants for necklaces. I already have blocks of wax ready to be carved but I just haven't had any time to work on them yet. I want to make wax carvings out of these characters and have them molded into either brass, bronze or sterling silver through the lost cast waxing method.

These are simple household items, but I am really excited to see what I can create with these inspirations. Stay tuned and don't forget to check out for updates on my Facebook page!

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