Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year, new stuff...

I have been working on several projects and experimenting with various materials. I wandered the streets of Queen and Bathurst and visited Mokuba, a wonderful ribbons and textiles store. Unfortunately they don't have a website yet, but they did offer me 60% off my purchase at wholesale price because of my little jewellery Etsy shop.

 What a beautiful pile of colors~

I decided to experiment with various textures and colors, mixing metals and strings to see what I can come up with. I think I'm liking what I see and there will be more to come. I've always liked wearing more bracelets that I can really handle but I love the look of stackable bracelets. There will be tons of these available on my Etsy shop soon~

Meanwhile, back to my brass, I created a beautiful necklace that took forever to make but I love how it hangs loosely almost above the belly button. All of the teardrop elements originated from a piece of 14 gauge brass wire that I hand forged, soldered, flattened, filed like crazy and sandpapered until I got a smooth shiny surface.

Then I attached the rest of the necklaced to some chainmaille that I handmade to finish the look.

You can see the finished product here~

Happy New Years All!

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