Saturday, January 28, 2012

Here is a trio of pictures I took of Janet embellished in some of my current jewelry. She herself is an inspirational fashionista and gave me some really good tips on how to promote my jewelry and I plan on implementing them as soon as I can. Thanks Janet for being patient and being my model for the night!

New in my Etsy Shop are my two black themed sterling silver rings.

These are my Black Galactic Swarovski Sterling Silver Ring and my Round Black Onyx Sterling Silver Ring:

More coming soon! Have a good weekend everybody~

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Just a regular Thursday night...

Here's a quick peek of an awesome photoshoot I had with my friend Janet, featuring one of my favorite rings, the Sterling Silver Geometric Diamond Ring.

I'm liking the black and white...

More to come, when it's not past my bedtime zzZZZZ...

Monday, January 23, 2012

Meet my new friend Jessica.

I finally found her! My mannequin, Jessica is now available 24/7 for me to accessorize and take better pictures of my jewelry. Here are some pictures of her strutting some of my favorite necklaces:

Meanwhile, my Black Fleather Statement Necklace (above) has been featured in a Treasury List! Weeee~

Thursday, January 19, 2012

I'm a nerd and I'm proud.

Still in my origami and pattern inspiration/obsession, I created a couple of rings this week. Here are my newest creations, my sterling silver geo rings~My Tetrahedron ring is already available on Etsy, and my Orb ring and Pyramid ring will be available this week!

Each ring was made entirely out of 14 and 16 gauge wires, with a lot of soldering, hammering and some burned fingertips. I oxidized them and hand polished them carefully to highlight some areas.

***Please note that these rings were intentionally made to protrude out of your finger and attract a lot attention. ***

On a totally different topic, I really wanted to show you my newest DIY home wall decor, especially made for my boyfriend. His condo walls are bare, I had so many paint samples from a previous project that ended up being a fail, and an awesome Martha Stewart gigantic hole puncher. So here it is! There will be three frames with three different patterns, and these are two of them~ I hope they bring some colors to his place :)

Anyway, don't forget to check my Etsy shop for new stuff~! Cheers!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Bubble Earrings Finished!

I finally finished my Bubble earrings, which match my Bubble Ring that is already on my Etsy shop! After soldering for which seemed like forever, I finalized made these earrings. Warning for the light headed, these babies have some serious weight to them. Just enough to provide some bling but light enough not to stretch your delicate earlobes~The Bubble Earrings will be posted on my etsy shop demain! Stay posted~

They've been tumbled and hand brushed with a brass brush for some extra shine. These earrings kind of reminds me of the Flinstones ~

On another note, I wanted to give you a sneak peak of what's in my Moleskine. I like seeing my sketches and then seeing the actual real life product. Makes me happy.

Meanwhile, I received these onyx cabochon from jkjewelrysupply. I am planning to start a collection of jet black jewelry consisting of HUGE Swarovski crystals, giant black rocks like hematites, pyrites, onyx, etc just because I love how mysterious black jewelry looks and how amazing they contrast against silver, brass and copper.

Monday, January 16, 2012

What are my inspirations for making jewelery?

Every artist have different inspirations, whether it be nature, animals, food or even dead things. I can't say I have one type of inspiration, but I do think I see things in a weird, bizarre matter that makes complete sense to me. I've decided to share some examples~

I was obsessed with origami when I was young, and I still randomly make something whenever I somehow get a piece of paper in my hands. I think origami tessellations are really inspirational and extremely beautiful if incorporated into jewelery.

 Recently I made a trip to Chapters and was so happy to see that alot of their home decor/gift items were on sale. These caught my eye and I had to buy them for no real purpose except to touch them and play with them. These wonderful shapes are called icosahedron. They are also a lot bigger in real life than seen in the pictures, almost as big as pomelo. I am already brainstorming ways to fabricate these icosahedron into sterling silver pendants...

These beautiful brackets belong to my boyfriend, and they do a fantastic job holding up a very heavy floating shelf. Although it's only from Home Depot, they are quite interesting in design, and I already see the resemblance to my Brass Double Square Pendant Necklace here.

Next is a wonderful fruit bowl that I especially love because this is how I would like to wire wrap my rocks, crystals, minerals or anything else that is chunky. I haven't really done wire wrapping as of late, but I will be incorporating a different way to use wire wrapping techniques once I receive some materials that I'm waiting to receive in the mail.

Lastly, I would like to present these beautiful girls given to me for Christmas by my two wonderful friends in Edmonton. These are adorable salt shakers, however I am envisioning these girls as pendants for necklaces. I already have blocks of wax ready to be carved but I just haven't had any time to work on them yet. I want to make wax carvings out of these characters and have them molded into either brass, bronze or sterling silver through the lost cast waxing method.

These are simple household items, but I am really excited to see what I can create with these inspirations. Stay tuned and don't forget to check out for updates on my Facebook page!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Make a statement...with BRASS!

 My sterling silver bracelet cuff was featured in SunSan's Treasury List! Hourra! Thanks alot!! You can view the bracelet here~

 Meanwhile, I'm super happy about my newest creations. I've been having fun with my brass sheets, and came up with the following:

I know I haven't made much earrings, but I did have fun making these ones... They are BIG and are pretty awesome.

These will be posted this week on my Etsy shop so make sure to check it out!~ 

I will be experimenting with some new materials that I'm receiving this week and I have tons of ideas that I can't wait to create. Stay posted through my Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Featured Treasury Lists! Yay!

I got a sweet email from Etsy message from Nilgun and she featured my Black Onyx Stone Spikes Statement Necklace on her Treastury List which can be found here!

This makes me happy :)

Thursday, January 12, 2012

New material~

I just received my long awaited brass sheets from Rio Grande and was finally able to hand pierce a pendant that I really like :) It has sort of a tribal vibe to it!

I'm almost finished with it, and I will post the final product in my Etsy shop soon.

Meanwhile, I'm working on a pair of earrings to match my Bubble Ring...Yes! More earrings! I definitely don't have enough in my shop, so I am working in expanding my earring collection.


Monday, January 9, 2012

Prong Setting On A Rutilated Quartz

I decided to challenge myself and try setting a stone using prongs to set this awesome natural quartz that I bought on Queen Street. Its got tons of gold flecks if you look at it in the light. 

Soldering a prong setting was quite a challenge which was done all using thick gauged sterling silver wires. There are many ways to set a stone, like my Bostwanna agate, but I wanted to embrace the natural beauty of the quartz.

In order to set the stone, I used a mini vice to hold my ring in place. I used a sock to protect my band from getting scratched from the vice. Don't worry it was a clean sock!

The finished product after sanding the ring down to a rugged brushed finished.

This ring is available on my Etsy shop right now!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Handmade Bubble Packaging Envelope Tutorial

For any sellers of anything out there, you all know that packaging is very important is just as important as what you are selling.. The product itself can be amazing, but bad packaging can either "make" or "break" your customer's loyalty to your brand.
I went to Michaels and found these beautiful cardstock for 50% off to make some bubble envelopes for when I ship my jewelery to my customers.

The first step was to chose a patterned square piece of cardstock.

Fold the cardstock in half and make a nice crease in the center line.

I took a measuring tape to measure out about 3.5 inches from the top from the folded side, because that's where it is going to be cut with scissors to make the flap :)

Cutting down approximately 3.5 inches down the middle of the cardstock...

Next, fold down the flap halfway, about 1.25inches, and then fold over again until you form a flap.

Once the flap has been folded, the left side can be cut to the same height. 

Cut the bubble wrap so that it fits the each side of the envelope, but leave about 0.5 '" on all the left, bottom and right side of each sheet. This is where you will apply the double sided tape. 

I used a POST-it pad to create some sort of volume in the envelope before sealing the edges. 
A ruler helps with flattening each sides making sure that the everything is sealed properly with double sided tape.
Excess cardstock can be cut out. Also, glue the top flap down with double sided tape.
And VOILA! The bubble wrap envelope is finito~
You can make this in a variety of other patterns~

Whenever I end up with leftover cutout from my cardstock, because these are too pretty to throw away, I use them as borders or backings for my "thank you" notes. It's extremely cool when you match them to your envelopes so that the customer receives a whole package customized especially for them :)

Stay tuned for more new stuff!