Monday, January 9, 2012

Prong Setting On A Rutilated Quartz

I decided to challenge myself and try setting a stone using prongs to set this awesome natural quartz that I bought on Queen Street. Its got tons of gold flecks if you look at it in the light. 

Soldering a prong setting was quite a challenge which was done all using thick gauged sterling silver wires. There are many ways to set a stone, like my Bostwanna agate, but I wanted to embrace the natural beauty of the quartz.

In order to set the stone, I used a mini vice to hold my ring in place. I used a sock to protect my band from getting scratched from the vice. Don't worry it was a clean sock!

The finished product after sanding the ring down to a rugged brushed finished.

This ring is available on my Etsy shop right now!

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