Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Bubble Earrings Finished!

I finally finished my Bubble earrings, which match my Bubble Ring that is already on my Etsy shop! After soldering for which seemed like forever, I finalized made these earrings. Warning for the light headed, these babies have some serious weight to them. Just enough to provide some bling but light enough not to stretch your delicate earlobes~The Bubble Earrings will be posted on my etsy shop demain! Stay posted~

They've been tumbled and hand brushed with a brass brush for some extra shine. These earrings kind of reminds me of the Flinstones ~

On another note, I wanted to give you a sneak peak of what's in my Moleskine. I like seeing my sketches and then seeing the actual real life product. Makes me happy.

Meanwhile, I received these onyx cabochon from jkjewelrysupply. I am planning to start a collection of jet black jewelry consisting of HUGE Swarovski crystals, giant black rocks like hematites, pyrites, onyx, etc just because I love how mysterious black jewelry looks and how amazing they contrast against silver, brass and copper.

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