Sunday, January 8, 2012

Handmade Bubble Packaging Envelope Tutorial

For any sellers of anything out there, you all know that packaging is very important is just as important as what you are selling.. The product itself can be amazing, but bad packaging can either "make" or "break" your customer's loyalty to your brand.
I went to Michaels and found these beautiful cardstock for 50% off to make some bubble envelopes for when I ship my jewelery to my customers.

The first step was to chose a patterned square piece of cardstock.

Fold the cardstock in half and make a nice crease in the center line.

I took a measuring tape to measure out about 3.5 inches from the top from the folded side, because that's where it is going to be cut with scissors to make the flap :)

Cutting down approximately 3.5 inches down the middle of the cardstock...

Next, fold down the flap halfway, about 1.25inches, and then fold over again until you form a flap.

Once the flap has been folded, the left side can be cut to the same height. 

Cut the bubble wrap so that it fits the each side of the envelope, but leave about 0.5 '" on all the left, bottom and right side of each sheet. This is where you will apply the double sided tape. 

I used a POST-it pad to create some sort of volume in the envelope before sealing the edges. 
A ruler helps with flattening each sides making sure that the everything is sealed properly with double sided tape.
Excess cardstock can be cut out. Also, glue the top flap down with double sided tape.
And VOILA! The bubble wrap envelope is finito~
You can make this in a variety of other patterns~

Whenever I end up with leftover cutout from my cardstock, because these are too pretty to throw away, I use them as borders or backings for my "thank you" notes. It's extremely cool when you match them to your envelopes so that the customer receives a whole package customized especially for them :)

Stay tuned for more new stuff!

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