Wednesday, February 8, 2012

New Items and Treasuries!

I got featured in TWO treasuries today and that makes me really happy. Other Etsy sellers probably have a gazillion features on a daily basis but I am extremely flattered when I get one in a blue moon~

Thank you to Tubi Du and Katie Wohl for featuring my geo rings! If you all have time, check out their shops as well!

Meanwhile, I converted a pendant that I made into a ring, and I'm liking how it turned out. My Brass X Ring is now available here! Good thing about this ring is that its adjustable~

I also posted this new Brass Triangle Chevron Necklace in my shop. As you can see I am still obsessed with triangles, and I don't think it will end any time soon. I love sharp edges and geometric shapes even if it means accidentally poking myself with one of the sharp corners.

Being a seller on Etsy, I can't help but marvel at the beautiful things you can find. I have a huge wishlist of things I absolutely need to get my hands on, but if I buy everything I love, I'd go bankrupt.

As I am writing this, I find out that the leather bag above has been sold. Oh my heart...

I'm also going to snag one of these bottles very soon. Handmade, beautiful and simple.

Happy shopping everyone!

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