Sunday, February 12, 2012

Our new friend.

This was a gift I received from my bf which is a DIY mini cow from MOMA in New York, pretty much a Munny doll but so much cooler! We are both love cows especially since we both fall in the same year of the ox!

Here's a profile of our new friend! I love his tail :)

Since I love metallic things, I decided to throw the components of my friend into a metallic spray paint bloodbath. I also threw in my mini manikin because I think he would look better as a robot. Final result TBD...

NEW to the shop! I also made another resin ring similar to my Purple Resin Ring to add to my black collection. I will be posting this to my Etsy shop later today~ There are many necklaces and rings that will be showing up in my shop so make sure to take a peek!

Good news! I finally received my rings from the casting house, so there will be lots of new rings in my shop this week. There's still alot of work to be done, so stay tuned!

Being new to blogging, I realized that GIVEAWAYS are really popular and everyone loves free jewelry. I know I do~Do you guys think I should do a giveaway soon???

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