Saturday, December 10, 2011

What have I been up to...

At the Organic Metal Jewellery Studio in downtown Toronto, I fell in love with jewellery making. I knew I was meant to to do this the moment I picked up the jewellery saw. After doing a weekend workshop at the studio, I used my last vacation days of work to spend the week at the studio for a 5 day intensive metalsmithing course. My hands and arms were sore, my nails were chipped, and I've shed abit of blood from sawing after those 5 days, but I was still absolutely undeniably in love with metalsmithing.

From a simple 18 gauge sterling silver plate...

Formed into a band, ready to solder the joints.

Used "hard" solder chips to weld the joint.

My almost-fnished ring sitting in an acid pickle to remove those nasty firesclaes away~

 ...TADAHH! After sizing, filing, polishing, hammering and texturing, my ring is finito!

Stay tuned...

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