Monday, December 26, 2011

No propane tonight.

My trusty propane tank decided to die on me on the day that Canadian Tire is closed, so I decided to venture back to my wax carving that I haven't done in awhile.

Wax carving is alot of fun because it's messy with the wax shavings flying all over the place which is great and everything...until you have to send it out to get it casted. Every little imperfection shows up on the silver and takes forever to file away the scratches and cracks that originated from the wax.
It all starts from a piece of wax...

Playing with an old wax carving that I was working on, I decided to turn in into a statement ring that looks like a mix of a maze and a bottle opener.

I realized that I like plain lines that sort of stick out of your hands, like this, making it hard to wear winter mitties, but I would wear an awesome ring over having warm hands any day~

Although there is tons of smoothing out left to do, it is almost finished. We'll see what it looks like once its casted into sterling silver. *Excited*

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