Saturday, December 17, 2011

Adding some color to silver...

When I was at the Organic Metal Jewellery studio, I was taught how to set a cabochon in a bezel. I was really excited by how beautiful a simple stone can look on a finger and wanted to get my hands on more semi-precious stones. So I headed to the Fashion Disctrict on Queen Street and went on a scavenger hunt for cabochons.
I checked out Courage My Love in Kensington Market, as well as The Beadery and a variety of beautiful cabochons, aching to be bought and set in a bezel.

What a nice cluster of lovely colors~

Speaking of bezels, here's my latest creation. I made a bezel for a ring, but not exactly for a stone...

I've been experimenting with resins, and came up with this design. Making a bezel for anything is time consuming and very tedious, but I love how the final product looks.

It all starts off with soldering a silver band to a plate, which I decided to do a circle.

The excess silver from the plate has to be sawed off to take the shape of the circular bezel.

...and filed...and filed...and filed...As you can see, there is no point having manicure.

Until you get a nice smooth and uniform bezel with no gaps.

I soldered some parts of silver inside the bezel to create a pattern that I will soon be filling up with resin.

I mixed up a nice purple resin to fill up the void spaces in my ring. I got this resin from Omer Deserres out of pure spontaneity and decided to try it out.

 Drop by drop, I filled up the spaces in the bezel until it was filled to the brim with resin. I made sure to cover the ring with parchment paper while it hardened to prevent dust from settling on the surface. It takes a few days for this resin to harden so keeping it away from everything was crucial.

My final masterpiece~ I thoroughly enjoy the outcome of this ring, especially the darkness of the purple. Hope you like it too! I will be playing with various shapes and sizes. Stay in the loop!

 Once this is completely hardened it will be available at my Etsy Shop~

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