Monday, March 10, 2014

One of a Kind Spring Show Giveaway!

Hi everyone! The One of A Kind Spring Show is coming so close! Lucky for you I am giving away two tickets to a lucky person. If you are in the Toronto area and would love to go to the show, head over to my Etsy shop and then write a comment below stating your name and what CSFootprints Jewelry you would like to see at the show. The winner will be chosen at random next Monday March 17th, 2014.

The CSFootprints Etsy booth will be at K20P! Come by and say hi~ I would love to meet you~


  1. Sarah T.
    I would love to see the Florus necklace!

  2. I would love to see your Round Pyrite Stone Statement Necklace at the show.


  3. I like the Herkimer diamond rings & the Rebel ring.

  4. Yay! Cool to see that you'll be there! I've had you in my Etsy faves for so long now, so I'm excited to see your work in the flesh! Love the brass cross ring and the geometric pendants - super nice!
    I'll make sure we'll stop by and visit you. Hope the prep isn't too stressful!

  5. What a fun contest!!
    I'd love to see your x cross rings, they're totally my style!