Wednesday, January 15, 2014

CSFootprints at the ONE OF A KIND SPRING SHOW 2014!!!

I just received the BEST news ever! I have been chose to participate at the One of a Kind Spring Show 2014 in the Etsy section. This is truly an honor and I am so thrilled to participate in one of Toronto's most popular event. 

I'm super excited because this is my first real show and I will be meeting tons of other talented designers and artists.

The show will be March 26-30 2014 at the Direct Energy Center.

More updates leading up to show...wish me luck!!!!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014


I am so mind blowned by his talent. Check out the rest of his work on his Youtube:

You should also check out his Snickers bar drawing. Once again, mind blown.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Last of 2013

Happy new year everybody!

Looking back at the year 2013, I can say that this has been my most memorable year thus far. Lots have happened and I am happy to have been able to take a snapshot of my daily life and be able to remember the little moments that can be so easily forgotten.
To conclude this year, there has been wonderful occasions to dress up, drink wine, enjoy the company of friends, work on DIY projects, travel, focus on decorating our new home and most importantly, prepare for a brand new year :)

A dress for a holiday party
The ice storm of 2013
My first wreath
A glimpse of our new home
 A wonderful scarf from Boutique Larobe, Montreal
 A raspberry chocolate fudge cheesecake at Rockaberry, Montreal
 Snowboarding in Mont Tremblant, Quebec
Our attempt to sabering our champagne bottle
Nemo and I
 The most magical day of my life

Cheers to 2014!