Saturday, September 1, 2012

Yes it happened!

Here are some snapshots of the set-up of my showcase. Everything was kept simple and neutral and I love the end result. 5$ at home depot really went a long way...

I was extremely happy because two minutes after I closed the door of my showcase and walked away, a customer bought two of my favorite necklaces. It was lovely to interact with my customer and seeing how happy she was walking away with her purchases.

I want to thank my wonderful boyfriend and my friend Michelle for helping with the laborious work of packaging, packing, transporting and also reducing my stress level by a mile. 

This is my first in-store experience for me since I only sell online through my Etsy shop, so if you're in Toronto or thinking of visiting this amazing city, stop on by, get a drink and check out all the wonderful work by various local artists! I'll guarantee you'll find something to bring back home.

Thanks for 627 Queen Street West for all their support as well!

Have a great Labor Day weekend everybody!

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