Tuesday, September 25, 2012

what's up.

What has been going on is tons of stuff. Lucky for Torontonians, I decided to keep selling my jewelry at 627 Queen Street West, probably until Christmas, so if you're around Queen/Bathurst area make sure to take a peek. There will be several Showcase Saturdays in October as well and I plan to be there in person! Here's a chance for me to emerge from behind the scenes and actually speak to customers face to face vs emailing, instagraming, facebooking, tweeting, etc.

Another project that's been keeping me busy is making pieces for my inventory at VICTOIRE in Ottawa~Yes yes! One of my favorite stores while I lived in Ottawa will be fully stocked with CSFootprints Jewelry starting the beginning of October. It's been alot of work because there will be LOTS of goodies for the store.

My favorite part of this months was receiving the most wonderful gift of all~ Remember my post on my lusting over Score and Solder terrariums?  Well I got my very own S&C table dodecahedron!

 Sigh. And yes it as and even more beautiful and well made in person. Can't wait to fill it up with some lovely things.


  1. Wow, that is a lovely terrarium. I have a few in my Etsy favorites that I have my eye on. :)

    1. Agreed! Etsy has several lovely terrariums as well. Can't wait to fill it up~

  2. Looks really great!
    But perhaps it is heavy, isn’t it?
    And that bags next… What's there? Is there ground?
    Sure, the terrarium makes your home cozy. Thx!

  3. Yeah it has some weight to it. It comes with charcoal, gravel and some crystal quartz~ Can't wait to customize it :)