Sunday, August 12, 2012


Lots of things happening this week including a long awaited photoshoot with a wonderful girl~ Also I've been going on a terrarium craze. The only problem is, I have nowhere to put them so they are just piling up in a corner until one day I have a big enough place for them.

Also, here's a glimpse of what I've been working on~ The process of making one Florus necklace starts from one brass sheet to cutting them up into various shapes and sizes, to drilling holes, flattening each pieces and rounding each corner, etc. Then each pieces are sanded down with various grades of emery paper, cleaned up and then oxidized. Lastly to create some depth and shadowing, each necklace is textured with some steel wool, and voila~

The good news is, I've rented a jewelry showcase at 627 Queen Street for a month to display my CSFootprints Jewelry line so I have been working on my inventory for the store. Working full-time and making jewelry is extremely difficult especially for one person, and luckily my boyfriend has been very supportive by helping me do some of the laborious work. Until's work work work...

So come and take a peek at 627 Queen Street starting September 1st!

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