Sunday, June 17, 2012


Currently in beautiful Montebello, Quebec for a work conference for a few days. 
But do not fret, I've brought my essentials with me...

Do you know how difficult it is to balance a tray of jump rings on your lap, with pliers in each hands, while holding on to dear life during an extremely turbulent 5 hour car ride? My coworker is wild man behind the wheel...In fact, one of my bracelets had gone missing after an extremely sharp left turn, and after a few hours of searching all over the nooks and crannies of the car, we found it inside his Tim Horton's Ice Cap -_-

I managed to set up shop in my cozy hotel but other than my jewelry, there are tons of other things to work on, including presentations for the conference, presentations for next week in the US, finding ANY hair elastics, and preparing for a full afternoon of fishing in the rain tomorrow. 

Time for some zzzZZZZzzz.

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