Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Stone rings.

I spent a large chunk of my long weekend finishing some orders, which included making two cabochon rings with a large blue lapis and a tiny little red garnet. Cabochons are time consuming but the results, if done right, can be quite awesome. I marvel at some sellers on Etsy who make hundreds of these by hand and they look immaculate with the bezel perfectly burnished and smooth. Kudos to you all~ As for me, I could only make two in one day :D

It all starts with a sheet of sterling silver and the stones.

After handsawing a bezel and a plate to support the stone, they are soldered together using a binding wire to hold them together.
Fitting an oval stone would be easier if I had an oval ring mandrel, so I had to shape it to the stone's body by hand. Twice! Ooof...
This is after the band has been soldered onto the bezel. It just needs to be filed, sanded, tumbled and polished.
Using a hammer and a bezel roller, the edges are hammered onto the stone surface and then burnished to smooth everything out. As you can see none of these rings fit my man fingers because my customer's fingers are crazy tiny.
And that's how they were made. Tadah.

I did manage to see some sunlight over the long weekend.

We skipped some stones over at the beaches, collected some rocks for my photos and drank coffee while strolling along the water. The weather was quite beautiful, and there were tons of people wind surfing.

...all while rocking my new layering pieces. Oh, they are now available in my shop~

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