Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Looking for a bag...

I have been in search of a bag that will relieve my right shoulder from the years of carrying heavy textbooks throughout university. My current shoulder bag usually weights probably over 5 lbs which is destructive to my posture and my back.
What do I carry in there? Everything from my Moleskin, pencil case, makeup bag, an orange or a banana, car phone chargers, Iphone and blackberry, chargers for both phones, a handful of loose change, a gigantic bottle of Tylenol, my Ipod, my keys...etc.
On top of having to consult an RMT and acupuncturist to try to soothe my back pains, I decided I will have to revamp how I carry on with my every day life...by looking for a new back-friendly bag.
Ideally, I considered Bookhou's small day bag. Compact, cute, light, and I will be putting the load on my left shoulder instead.
I am and will always be in love with Scout & Catalogue's clutches. They are beautiful and well made, but I don't know if this will fit alot of my things, unless I force myself to minimize which would be a positive change.
I even considered an acid washed fanny pack from lovejules. I am a firm believer that these will make a come back. Especially if they are made of lambskin and hangs nice and loosely at the hips. This form of a purse is pretty practical if you think about it and will probably solve all my back problems.

Decision, decisions...

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