Saturday, April 21, 2012

Never not working.

I spent the past few days working on orders which has been keeping me pretty busy. I also remade one of my favorite rings for a customer, the XO Ring.

The beginning of the XO ring, looking dirty and unattractive...It's hard to imagine that this will look remotely pretty on a little finger.

But it does! After hammering, soldering, filing, sanding, pickling and tumbling~ Voila!

I spent my weekend in beautiful High Park because I really wanted to go back to Zocalo which is an amazing place to have a wonderful lunch. Their hummus and sausage is amazing and the owner there is really awesome! Their dishes are so flavorful, you could smell it as soon as you walk inside the restaurant.
Of course if I go to Zocalo, I must visit Mjolk, and I decided to finally buy me Dala Horse after debating between my baller pair of scissors or this horse a few weeks back.
I wish to learn how to whittle animals out of pieces of wood one day. Perhaps the next hobby on the list...
Here is my beautiful Dala, unwrapped! I love it so much. My boyfriend still doesn't get why I'm so excited about a piece of wood. This reminds of a really weird video that I've seen back in my university days...Candy Mountain anyone?

The High Park area is so nice, and there is an area where cherry blossoms are in abundance. So it was well worth checking it out. Who knew there was a zoo, swans on a lake, and beautiful trees in the middle of Toronto downtown?
As you can see, I love using Instagram. I did whip out my Holga a few times today since I knew I'd be snapping away in High Park, but I love using Instagram for everyday simple memories. I've already printed about 150 of my Instagram pictures that I will be turning into a coffee table book, but that is way underway for now.

Also, for customers who are wondering...these orders will be going out next week!

Have a great rest of the weekend everybody!

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