Saturday, April 28, 2012

Big and bold.

I was asked to create some earrings for my friend's friend's birthday. I haven't done any handpiercing in awhile, and forgot how much work it was, but also how rewarding it is afterwards~ It all started with a sheet a brass, which it then turned into a pair of big and bold bling bling statement earrings.

First, a small hole must be punched into the areas that need to be sawed out so that the drill bit can "latch" onto the holes. 

Here I start to carefully saw out the void spaces which is the most time consuming part of handpiercing.

One side of the earring is complete!!
Once everything's been saw out, I hand forged some earwires with 20g brass wire, attached them to the earrings and voila! These are ready to be shipped out~
Hope she likes them :)

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