Saturday, March 10, 2012

Je m'amuse avec mes toupies!

Hi all! I'm back from vacation and was MIA for another week for a business trip out west, and I am finally back to updating my blog and my shop.

First things first, I caved and went to Mjolk today. I paced back and forth between the table where my dream scissors layed so beautifully...The price was *yikes* but they felt so nice in my hands...Handmade in Japan. Now it's mine~

 I picked up two awesome toupies as well that I cannot stop twirling on my floor. They are made of wood, also made in Japan and they are AWESOME!
I tried catching them in action and taking a picture at the same time. These will be my new office toys~
I also came across another awesome store in High Park called Articulations Inc. It doesn't look like they have a website but they sell everything from Moleskin notebooks, to plastic dinosaurs, and I scooped up a Hypotrochoid art set that I've been looking for to bring my old childhood memories. They are as cool as I remembered from back in my elementary school days~
Finally...I posted pics of some necklaces that I made before I was off on vacation, and didn't get to post them until now. You can find them in my shop as of now! I have lots of new jewelry coming up and I should be back on track starting now, so keep posted.

Meanwhile, I've revamped my packaging a little and I'm eagerly waiting for some goodies in the mail to finalize it all. So stay tuned!

Have a great weekend ;)

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