Saturday, March 31, 2012

Guyzer + Bean

Today, we went to the spring One Of A Kind Show and checked out Toronto's best local artisans~ I already had several booths that I wanted to see and was super exited to finally see their work in person. I've been digging their awesome blogs for awhile now. I came out with two beautiful items: a beautiful hand-dyed infinity silk scarf by Scout and Catalogue, and a cute gold fortune cookie necklace by Biko.

Meanwhile, since we were downtown (which is rare) and also looking for a birthday gift, we made a pitstop at the TIFF lightbox. We ended up buying a PIPEROID kit for ourselves. These little guys are made from paper pipes and they are absolutely adorable and super fun to make.

Rawr. Meet our new friends, Guyzer and Bean~ 

 By the way, I have been working on  a couple of new jewelry pieces this week, but I'm taking my time with posting them all together. I've been playing with different materials and staring off into space alot, so stay tuned with my Etsy shop. More to come next week~

Hopefully you all are having a wonderful weekend!

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