Thursday, January 19, 2012

I'm a nerd and I'm proud.

Still in my origami and pattern inspiration/obsession, I created a couple of rings this week. Here are my newest creations, my sterling silver geo rings~My Tetrahedron ring is already available on Etsy, and my Orb ring and Pyramid ring will be available this week!

Each ring was made entirely out of 14 and 16 gauge wires, with a lot of soldering, hammering and some burned fingertips. I oxidized them and hand polished them carefully to highlight some areas.

***Please note that these rings were intentionally made to protrude out of your finger and attract a lot attention. ***

On a totally different topic, I really wanted to show you my newest DIY home wall decor, especially made for my boyfriend. His condo walls are bare, I had so many paint samples from a previous project that ended up being a fail, and an awesome Martha Stewart gigantic hole puncher. So here it is! There will be three frames with three different patterns, and these are two of them~ I hope they bring some colors to his place :)

Anyway, don't forget to check my Etsy shop for new stuff~! Cheers!

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